Friday, March 13, 2009

Disney on Ice

Last night we went to the Disney on Ice show. MomCentral and Feld Entertainment were so kind to give me the opportunity to give the tickets away on the blog and to treat us as well. They had an event for us where they gave us dinner, a chance to meet Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, and gave the boys a Mr. Incredible doll and a Dash mask, in addiiton to tickets to the show.

The show and event were a blast and the boys especially had SUCH a great time. They are The Incredibles' biggest fans, you know. Of course, they wore their costumes to the show. Even I really enjoyed the show. It's my favorite I've seen of these types of shows. It's about the Incredibles going on a vacation to Disneyland, where of course, they meet Syndrome. It's really cute the way they work the Disneyland rides into the show.

I love this picture of my Incredibles:


Here they are first meeting them:


Here's Miles enraptured by the show. He held his hands like that for most of it:


At the intermission he had his hand down his collar on his chest and looked funny. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "My heart's just beating really fast." It was so cute!

Here is Jack with his Mr. Incredible doll:


And both of them with their masks on:


Thanks so much to MomCentral and Feld Entertainment!

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