Monday, October 15, 2007

Dr. Reinisch's New Technique

A person on the yahoo microtia board reported on a new technique that Dr. Reinisch presented at a conference recently. And I quote from her:

It is a "no scar" flap harvesting technique, which he developed in conjunction with Dr. Lewin. The only scar now is the small one that arcs over the ear that is being reconstructed which they use to bring the flap down. The flap is now harvested using an endoscope, which is how they can avoid the extra incision. There is absolutely no scar on the hair-bearing portion of the scalp at all. He's been doing this for about five months now. It makes the surgery take about 1 hour longer,
but Drs. Reinisch and Lewin feel that the fact that there is no longer a scalp scar makes it a very worth while approach.

I think this is a very exciting development. Miles has a bit of a scar still on his scalp, but future patients won't have this.