Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thoughts on the Dr. Reinisch Show

We're working on finding a link to the plastic surgery show featuring Dr. Reinisch. My only complaint was that it was too short! I was surprised that I learned new stuff in the show.

Conor, the little boy featured, is absolutely adorable. I was especially glad to see that Miles is not the only one who acted up in Dr. R's office, LOL.

I never really understood how the skin membrane/flap worked. I didn't realize that it folded down from above! This is the "flap" of tissue that provides the blood supply to the new ear. It folds down from the upper part of the head and is wrapped around the medpor framework. My husband said he never really understood it properly before either. So I learned something new from the show, which is great.

Also, I was shocked at how big and thick the abdomen skin graft was! It's amazing that it doesn't leave a bigger scar. All I could think was "Ouch! Poor babies." I can see why it used to be so painful for kids before Dr. R. started using the marcaine drip. Thank goodness for it.

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