Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Disaster Averted...for NOW

Last night I was getting Miles ready for bed and we had the following conversation:

Miles: Mom, do you know what Power Rangers are?

Cue music: Dum dum DUM!

Me: Ummm...I'm not sure, do you know what they are?

Miles (after some stumbling around): They're people that are mean.

Me: Oh, well, we don't like them then do we?

Miles (shaking his head): No.


Now I know why people homeschool their kids....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

How's Your Aspen?

Ours are great! Yesterday we drove up the mountains to see the Aspen colors and we also got to see snow! We've decided we NEED to move there.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

What Are We Up To?

Not much. Getting over colds, enjoying the Fall weather... Two weeks ago the boys went to a birthday party where there was a clown who did face painting. Miles, of course, lol, chose the "princess" motif. Jack chose a puppy. Here they are at home afterwards. This pictures really cracks me up, because it's so typical Jack these days. Let's just say he's very....two...

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Here they are later that week with their cousin Caelan. It jest don't git much cuter than this!

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Nip/Tuck & Craniofacial Differences

This should be interesting (from Judy on the microtia yahoo board): the next episode of Nip/Tuck will features a character who has Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS). It airs tomorrow night, Tuesday, Sept 12th, at 10pm. Treacher Collins is a craniofacial syndrome that affects the head and face in many ways. Patients often have microtia.

According to Judy:"Since they could not find a real person with TCS in the LA area, that passed muster with great acting ability in the auditions in the short amount of time they had, they hired an actor, did research on TCS, and sought out expert opinion on how to do the makeup, etc. While those of us in the TCS community were bummed they didn't use a real person with TCS, [they] were hopeful they would at least present the character in a good light." Judy has talked with the producer and he told her he thinks the TCS community is going to be so happy with the show.

This is a big thing --- this is probably the first time where a TV Series' episode portrays a TCS character and it is about whether he should have surgery or not to change the way he looks.

The show airs Tuesday Night -- Sept. 12th -- 10 PM -- FX. Check Your Local Listings for the Time and Station in Your Area.

I've always thought Nip/Tuck should do episodes on craniofacial reconstructions and it seems that they're going to do it this season. On the first episode, Sean said that he wants to devote more of their time to reconstructive work. Plus they have the new story line with his unborn baby having a birth defect that results in malformed hands and feet. It will be interesting to see how they approach these subjects.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Microtia Awareness Bracelets

These are pretty bracelets and are for a great cause!

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Amber, who I know from the microtia yahoo board makes these and is using the funds to raise money to adopt a little boy from Guatemala named Nicolas, who was born with Microtia.

Here is the information about the bracelets:

The bracelets are made out of Alexandrite and Clear Swarovski Crystals. She picked the Alexandrite because it is a two-tone stone in different light (they look purple as above in certain light and light blue in others). Our children are beautiful and perfect with a "new" ear/s or the one/s they were born with. She picked the Clear for the hope of clearer hearing. The bracelet has 2 charms on it. They have an ear and a ribbon charm. Both charms as well as the clasp of the bracelet are made out of sterling silver. They are great for every day wear and also dressy. The bracelets are $22.00, plus S&H. The standard size is 7 1/2 inches long. If you need a different size she can customize it for you, you would just need to measure your wrist and give her the length you want the bracelet to be. She can also make them in kids sizes. They are $15.00. If you would like a bracelet/s let email her at inspiredbybeth@gmail.com.

I own one of these and we also bought them for both grandmothers last Mother's Day. Everyone likes them...they're gorgeous!

So help a good cause and contact Amber!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Miles had his surgery on June 20th, and now months later, he still has a few stitches left behind his non-microtia ear. Dr. Reinisch doesn't usually do anything to that ear in the stage 2 surgery, but he wasn't happy with the scarring there from the skin graft taken in the stage 1 surgery, so he made a new incision with stitches.

All of the stitches on the new medpor ear are gone, but there are 3 still hanging around on the left ear. I finally got worried about it and emailed Dr. R. asking if we should be worried and/or have our pediatrician remove them. In typical Dr. R. fashion, he very quickly emailed me back with his cell phone number. According to him, those particular stitches can take 4-5 months to dissolve, so no worries! I had no idea they would last so long.

Back to School

Miles started official preschool at his new Montessori school on Tuesday. Here is a pic of him on the swing at the school the morning of his first day:

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Of course, 3 days later and he's already home sick. Here we go again....

And continuing with the porch swing theme. We got a new porch swing and are very excited about it! Here we are enjoying it:

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Fun at the Cabin

Last weekend we went to my parents' cabin in the mountains. Miles had spent the week with them and had a blast. We had a blast up there too, even though we froze at night. It got down to 27 degrees one night!

There are so many fun things for the kids up there: a restored sheep wagon to play in (what is a sheep wagon?), a 1949 tractor to ride on with grandpa, 2 ATVs, an RV, hiking, moose/deer/cows, not to mention the cabin itself. Here are pics:

The sheep wagon:

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The ATVs:

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The tractor:

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Taking a walk:

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Chasing off the cows, since they keep pooping everywhere. Check out Miles' scare tactics. You can just barely see the cows running off to the meadow:

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