Thursday, September 07, 2006


Miles had his surgery on June 20th, and now months later, he still has a few stitches left behind his non-microtia ear. Dr. Reinisch doesn't usually do anything to that ear in the stage 2 surgery, but he wasn't happy with the scarring there from the skin graft taken in the stage 1 surgery, so he made a new incision with stitches.

All of the stitches on the new medpor ear are gone, but there are 3 still hanging around on the left ear. I finally got worried about it and emailed Dr. R. asking if we should be worried and/or have our pediatrician remove them. In typical Dr. R. fashion, he very quickly emailed me back with his cell phone number. According to him, those particular stitches can take 4-5 months to dissolve, so no worries! I had no idea they would last so long.

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