Sunday, November 27, 2005

Better pics, 31 days post-op

These pics are less blurry than the ones I took last night:

Image hosted by

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This is the back of the one that had the skin graft:

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Today he is without a cup and net! He won't take the green floppy hat off though, and he won't look at the ear in the mirror. Hopefully he can get used to it soon, and be as excited about it as we are.


Christina said...

the green hat is cuter than the netting, LOL.
I'm still so amazed at this. Isn't it something how modern medicine can do so much for us.

Dottie said...

WOW, it is amazing that they could do that for him. It is all looking great!

Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was nice, even if you ended up short a few guest.