Tuesday, November 15, 2005

2nd Sugery Scheduled!

We are scheduled for the second stage surgery on June 16. It sounds like it will be a piece of cake compared to this one. We only have to be there 3-5 days after and NO CUPS! I'm almost looking forward to this one!

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ann Haynes said...


I have finally taken the time to read your entire blog. For some reason it would't work on my home computer but I managed to look at it at work. Wow is it helpful! We are going for stage 1 surgery on June 13. ARe you still scheduled for stage 2 on June 16th? I would love for Michael to be able to see Mile's ear before he goes into surgery. THis is ending up too long so I will email you with a few more questions. Thanks so much for taking the time to record Mile's journey.

Ann Haynes