Saturday, October 29, 2005

Day after surgery

Yesterday was a rough day. We got to the surgical center at 6:15 and everything started around 7 am. They gave him the versaid, which made him very loopy. He was so funny. Singing in a really high pitched voice waving Little Quack around and slurring his words. They then wheeled him off--fully dressed--I was surprised. We had to wait about 6 hours. A BIG thank you to Eileen who sent me the book of Sudoku puzzles. When I was just sitting there, I was a mess, but as long as I did the puzzles, I was able to keep my mind off things and be more calm. Brian's addicted to them now too.

They called us right to the recovery room as soon as he was wheeled there. He wasn't awake at first, but it didn't take long for him to at least appear to start waking up. The doctor said he wasn't really awake. It was probably the most awful thing I've ever experienced. It took 4 people to hold him down because he was thrashing around so much. He was crying and yelling "Stop that," over and over. They had to give him something in his IV to make him call down. I couldn't hold back the tears through it. Thankfully, he didn't see me crying and according to the dr., he won't remember any of that anyway. Later he woke up again more calm. We watched some Lion King and he eventually drank 4 apple juices(!). Here's what he looked like. The nurse made Little Quack look even more like him. He now has "cups" over his ears under the netting. He has a bandage on his belly, where Miles does (from one of the skin grafts). LQ's is much cooler though, because they cut it and drew on it to look like an elephant. He even has a little IV thing hanging off of his right "ear" that is kind of like the drains on Miles'.

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Miles has the cups on both ears under the netting. He has 2 drains on the right ear, which we need to empty every once in awhile. He has a bandage on the skin graft on his abdomen with a bulb like thing there too. It's a marcaine pump which releases pain medication to that area on a regular basis. We will have to remove that "catheter" like thing from the skin graft ourselves in a couple of days. Yikes!

Here is Miles coming home from the surgical center:

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Miles laid around for awhile after coming home, but by evening he was running around. It's unbelievable how these little guys recover. Here he is with brother Jack in the courtyard of our hotel. They were walking/running around the pool area.

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Last night was exhausting. We took turns staying up next to him to make sure he didn't roll on the right side or pull at any of the tubes. I didn't get much sleep.

Miles' left ear (the one they took the skin graft from) started bleeding through the cup and bandages last night, which worried us some. We took him into Dr. R. this morning, who changed the dressings, cups, and netting. It was absolutely awful again. It took 3 docs, a nurse, and Brian and I to hold him still to get it done. He kept screaming, "He's grabbing me," over and over. Afterwards he cried for a long time and kept saying, "Somebody hurt me," over and over. It just broke my heart. Here is a pic of the incision above the new ear (warning: kind of graphic). We didn't actually see the new ear. They just changed the cup and other dressings.

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Miles is doing much better now and currently watching "Bob the Builder," his favorite. Here is a pic of my little "teletubby."

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Beo said...

Oh my God, the poor guy and poor you guys. Arg, I can't even relate to what you guys must be going through.

I do you know that you love your child, and love can conquer all. He's still so young that these will be distant memories in the future.

Congradulations, and good job to you two and Miles,..the toughest little guy in South Park.:)

C & S Painter said...

Julie and Family,
Your post brought tears to my eyes.....I can remember so clearly the moment that we saw Jack in post-op before he woke up -- I lost it too, so you are not alone!

Miles looks great and trust me, he won't remember the day of surgery at all. Our thoughts are with your family. Give Miles a big hug and take a deep breath.......whew, the surgery is over.

Each day is easier.

Miles, you are a trooper. Try to have some fun in California and Arizona (easier said than done, I know!!!) We will check in again for an update. Take care of each other!!

Cathy, Scott, Catie, Jack and Luke Painter

Christina said...

Julie, I can't even begin to understand what you must have gone through. I am so, so glad Miles made it through and is doing so wonderfully. You're right, he does look like a teletubby.
Big hugs and kisses to you guys!!!

Nann Stewart said...

My little niece is about to under go the same surgery in Hollywood CA. I hope she does as well as Miles. Miles is such a cute little boy. Take care of that precious child. Congrats on his surgery.